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Should You Work With An Insurance Agent That Specializes In SR22 Coverage?

15 March 2022
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There's a good chance that cost is weighing heavily on your mind if you just received a court order to obtain SR22 insurance. While an SR22 is technically about proving financial responsibility and continuous insurance coverage, it often signals insurers that you're a higher-risk driver. As a result, many larger insurance companies will increase your premiums, sometimes by a substantial amount. Paying more to stay on the road can make a tough situation even more challenging, so you're probably looking for ways to minimize these costs. Read More …

4 Tips For Saving Money On Your Commercial Auto Insurance

30 April 2020
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If you have vehicles that you own through your business, which you have business employees drive, you need to be carrying commercial auto insurance on those vehicles. Commercial auto insurance is yet another business expense you need to budget for; luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce your commercial auto insurance premium. Tip #1: Increase Your Deductible Just like with car insurance for personal vehicles, one of the easiest ways to bring down your commercial auto insurance premium is to increase the deducible for your insurance. Read More …

Are You Covered? The Basics Of Boat Insurance

19 January 2019
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If you live near a large body of water, having access to a personal boat can be beneficial. Boats can provide hours of entertainment out on the open water. It's important to remember that insurance coverage is required to ensure that your assets are protected in the event of an accident. First-time boat owners might not be familiar with what their boat insurance policy covers. You should take the time to learn the basics of boat insurance. Read More …

Auto Insurance Options When You Are Not Driving

15 August 2018
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Although both those who are driving and those who aren't driving can benefit from auto insurance coverage, there should be a difference between these two groups of people. For example, you should consider the following measures if you won't be driving for some time. Reduce Your Coverage If you won't be driving for some time, one of the best options you can take to save money on insurance is to reduce your coverage. Read More …

Shopping For Homeowners Insurance? What Factors You Should Consider Aside From Price

16 May 2018
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One of the biggest mistakes you can make is selecting your homeowner's insurance policy based on price alone. While your budget may affect which company you select, price is not the only factor that you need to consider. Here are a few of the factors you need to consider when you are shopping for a homeowner's insurance and why these factors are so important.  The Deductible When you are shopping for any type of insurance policy, including homeowner's insurance, always take the time to carefully review how much the deductible is for the policy you are looking at. Read More …